Turonic GM5 Massage Gun for Muscle Relax & Pain Relief (Used)

Turonic GM5 Massage Gun for Muscle Relax & Pain Relief (Used)

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NEW ORIGINAL packaging + 90-Day Warranty + all the replaceable heads are CHANGED for the NEW ones

Turonic G5 – Handheld Electric Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Muscle Relax & Pain Relief

Key Features
- Powerful deep tissue massage gun with 11 mm depth amplitude; efficient for lower back pain relief; 5 intensity modes range 1200 to 3200 rpm.
- Complex bodywork: 7 heads for different muscle groups includes a special anti-cellulite head.
- Minimalistic . user-friendly design: switch between modes with one button; there are two light indicators: for battery life and the current intensity mode.
- Easy and comfy to use: ergonomic design allows you to use G5 for a long time without getting tired of holding it; head replacement takes no more than 3 seconds; G5 turns off automatically after 10 minutes of using it - it's the time you'd usually need to relax properly - but you can use longer if you want.
- It's really quiet: G5 sounds at 45 dB . whereas casual conversation volume is 66 dB . and a phone rings at 75 dB.

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